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Managing event capacity is tricky, especially right now. You need people to sign up in advance so you can follow guidelines for safety and social distancing. But, when their plans change, you want their spots to be available to others.

Now you can plan ahead and plan for changes by including a waitlist in your simple signup! 

Let’s say your church is hosting four small gatherings on Sundays — and the 9am service fills up first. When it reaches capacity, the waitlist automatically becomes available.


Todd’s family can attend the 11am, but they would prefer to come at 9am if spots become available. He can sign up for the 11am service and the 9am waitlist at the same time. If Sally’s family cancels, an event manager can promote Todd’s family from the waitlist, and release their 11am spots to someone else. 


When cancelations happen, available spots are always reserved for waitlisted people, so you don’t have to worry about someone filching Sally’s spots before Todd can nab them.

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