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New: Event Reminder Emails have arrived!

You Asked, We Delivered

We know keeping track of event details can be a lot to juggle. There is nothing more frustrating than putting in all that hard work only for someone to forget they signed up to attend your event.

So, to make life easier, and curb the “oops, I forgot” excuse, we’re introducing Event Reminder Emails. Now, you can send timely nudges to your attendees with just a few clicks.


Here’s the Deets

💌 Custom Reminders, Just How You Like ‘Em: Personalize messages for different attendee groups. VIPs, volunteers, or general attendees - everyone gets the message they need, when they need it.

⏰ Set It and Forget It: Schedule those reminders in advance. Whether it's a few weeks out or just a few hours, make sure no one misses out on your amazing events.
CleanShot Apr 24 (1).jpeg


Why It’s Awesome

No more relying on manual email reminders or last-minute scrambling to make sure everyone remembers they signed up. Now you’ll have everyone in the right place, at the right time, ready to make the event a hit.

CleanShot Apr 24.jpeg

Designed with You in Mind

It’s all about making your job easier and your events more successful. We're committed to enhancing the Registrations experience, one update at a time.


Heres to making every gathering an unforgettable event!


- The Registrations Team

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