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Change a Selection's Price

If you need to change the cost of a selection, you can do so in the selection's settings. The new price will be charged for all new registrations going forward but will not affect any registrations that were created before the price change.


Email people , so they know what to expect before you make any changes. A heads up can help avoid confusion over changing a price they didn’t originally agree to.

You can update the price for people who have already registered by changing their selection, then changing it back again.

  1. Create a new selection that's not published to Church Center, costs $0, and call it something like "Price Adjustment." This will be temporary.

  2. Open the registrations that need editing and change each person’s selection to the "Price Adjustment" selection and save. Change it back to their original selection, and then click Save again to apply the new price.

    update attendee price.gif
  3. Delete the "Price Adjustment" selection once everyone is showing the corrected price.


Any payments attendees have already made will remain attached to their registration and will be applied to the new costs, but you may need to issue refunds or let people know if they now have a balance due.

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