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Scholarships apply credits, such as money raised during a fundraiser or donation, toward a registration. Scholarships can only be applied by an administrator or manager.


If a person wants to give tax-deductible money to fund a scholarship or apply to a specific person's registration, they cannot give it through Registrations. They can give through a donation management system, like Giving. Once you receive the donation, add the amount as a scholarship and apply it to the appropriate attendees.

From the Scholarships tab on the event, click New Scholarship.


Enter the name of the scholarship as well as the amount allotted to the scholarship.


Click Save to add the scholarship then repeat the steps to add others. If additional money is collected for the scholarship, update the scholarship amount to reflect the new total.

Apply Scholarship Funds to a Registration

When a person registers for the signup, they will have to pay at least the minimum deposit, so you may need to set that to $0 if you don't want them to pay anything.

After they're registered, click Apply Payment to apply a scholarship to the balance.


Select the scholarship and amount to apply, and then click Submit to give the scholarship to the attendee.



You may need to refund the attendee if they paid over the amount.

As you use scholarships, view the amount used and remaining in the scholarship.


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