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Prayer chains have come a long way! From the phone tree to the text, and now to a place where people can sign up for a time slot to pray. Create a signup for your congregants to choose a time to pray, and then send the prayer list to them, so they can pray!

  1. List the dates from the Settings tab.

  2. Enable split registrations for all days.

  3. Add selections for the time slot you want people to sign up for.



    Make sure your selections are in order! After you've created all the selections, refresh your browser and review the selections. You can drag and drop them if they're not in the right order.

  4. Add a Capacity for Signups for each selection to prevent too many people from signing up for a single time slot.

  5. Enable the waitlist in case someone has to cancel.


When you've finished setting up the signup, here's what it should look like on the public page.


Once people sign up, you can let them know how to pray by sending them an email with the prayer list.

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