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Set Up Church Center in the Account Settings

To allow congregants to find your church on the Church Center app, you need to set up your campuses, enable the app, and then choose the products you'd like to make available for your congregation on Church Center.

1. Enable Church Center

Enable Church Center from the Church Center tab.

enable church center_numbered.png
  1. Check to enable the Church Center App and Web.


    If you're unable to check the box next the Church Center App, go to the Church Campuses tab and add a campus.

  2. Use the default URL that was generated for you during the setup process or enter your own.

  3. Share the links to the buttons for people to use the Church Center app on their corresponding device. If you see an error, add a campus for your church. A campus is required for using the Church Center app.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

2. Set Up Church Center Navigation

Drag and drop feature icons to where you want them to be in the Church Center navigation.

  1. Features in this section will be available from the Church Center navigation.

  2. Features in this section will not show up in the navigation, but you can link to them from other pages on your church website.

  3. Congregants don't have access to features in this section. You can click Manage subscriptions to add products that you're not yet subscribed to.


If you're subscribed to Publishing, you have to add Registrations to the Navigation to make it publicly accessible.

Access Church Center

Church Center is a web page and a mobile app.

Although the experience of Church Center is similar on the web and app, your congregants will access the web and app in different ways.

Church Center web is hosted on your church's unique Church Center URL, which you can link or embed on your church's main website.

Congregants can download the Church Center app for free using these links:

To familiarize your church with the Church Center app, download and share this video:


To get a custom version of this video with your church's name and logo, ask our Support Team by clicking the ? in the top right of any Planning Center product page.

Log in to Church Center

When you enter your mobile number or email on the login screen, you will be sent a verification code, which will expire after two hours and can only be used to log in once.

log in_phone.png

Once you log in to the Church Center web, you will stay logged in for fourteen days from your last activity.

Access Your Profile

In your profile, you can update your contact information by selecting your name.


My Schedule

From the My Schedule page in your profile, you can see any events or plans you personally have coming up!


Events found in My Schedule include:

  • Services plans you've been scheduled for.

  • Events from your groups.

  • Events you've bookmarked on the Calendar page.

  • Signup events you've personally registered for as an attendee.


    The My Schedule page does not include events that other household members are registered for or registrations that you are the registration contact for. You can find those on the My Registrations page in your profile.

Manage Notifications

From your profile, follow these steps to set your notification preferences.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Notifications.

  • Choose a group.

  • Set notification preferences regarding messaging, resources, and reminders.


To view notifications, tap the bell next to your profile picture.

notification bell_arrow.png

View any resources added, announcements, or messages from your groups.


View Event Registrations

From the Signups tab, you can see any visible registration events. You can even filter by campus or category to narrow down your search for a specific event.


From your profile, go to My Registrations. If any of your registrations need more information, like a balance due or an attendee is missing a form, you'll see a Needs attention button on the registration.


You can also use the Needs attention button to delete your registration.

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