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New: Expanded visibility and registration scheduling

Imagine it’s Tuesday afternoon, and you’re getting ready to announce VBS at your weekend gathering. You want to share the Church Center page with your staff and volunteers ahead of time, but you don’t want to share it with the whole congregation until after it’s announced. And people can’t start registering until the following Tuesday, but they need to sign up at least 72 hours before VBS begins.

In Registrations, you could already accomplish most of this — but it wasn't always clear how the settings worked together, and you couldn't schedule a signup to change from link-only to being included in your Church Center list on a certain date.

We just released an update to make it more natural to find the settings you're looking for — and your signup can now go from link-only to listed on a schedule!

In the visibility settings, you can set the date that your signup that will be listed on Church Center, and the dates for when it will be hidden.


Scheduling the dates that registration opens and closes still works the same way, but the different options are more clear:


The general settings for your signup are also now split into two sections: About and Settings. About is focused on the informational details, like the image and description. Settings is where you'll find these visibility and registration settings, as well as things like the support contact and confirmation message.

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