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Take Attendance for Registrations Signups

You may want to track who came to your event, and the best way to do that is by taking attendance! Use the built-in attendance feature in Registrations to mark who attended, or integrate your Registrations signup with a Check-Ins event to print labels and use stations. 

There are three attendance options, depending on your needs.

  1. If you don't need to print labels, you can have a record of who attended the specific event by taking attendance in Registrations.

  2. If you've added a filter and don't need to print labels, only take attendance for the filtered attendees with the built-in attendance.

  3. Use a Check-Ins event.

Mark Attendance in Registrations

When you choose to take attendance within the signup, a roster of currently registered attendees is created.

  1. Select Edit to change the name of the attendance roster.

  2. Search for an attendee's name to add their attendance.

  3. Check the boxes to show who was in attendance. If more people register after you create the roster, you can add them to the session later.

Select Done to report attendance.

The attendance is saved on the Registrations tab, where you can view who attended, edit the attendance roster, or delete it entirely.


Use Check-Ins to Take Attendance

Take attendance tracking to the next level by creating a synced Check-Ins event for your Registrations signup!

  • With this integration, you can scan a QR code to check in, set up rosters for your classrooms, print labels, and scan to check people out. 

  • As new people register or you update assignments in Registrations, those changes update in Check-Ins.


You must have editor permissions in Check-Ins to set up this integration. 

On the signup's Registrations tab, select Set up Check-Ins for this signup from the Attendance dropdown.

set up checkins_arrow.png

Choose one of the options available to create your Check-Ins event.

select checkins event_numbered.png
  1. Use Link attendees to set up your Check-Ins locations using the regular location tools and filters in Check-Ins. Attendees sync to your Check-Ins event, but you can manually create preferred locations.

  2. Use Link attendees and assignments to pre-assign your attendees to specific Check-Ins locations based on the assignment types in Registrations. Each assignment type becomes a location folder in your Check-Ins event, and each assignment area becomes its own location. 

  3. To create a separate Check-Ins event for each assignment type, select Show individual assignments to view the event links for each assignment type. 

Configure the Check-Ins Event

Set up your check-in times, event frequency, labels, and other details by updating the settings of your integrated event. 

On the Events page in Check-Ins, select your integrated event as indicated by the Registrations logo next to the title. 

reg integration event in checkins_arrow.png

Update Event Availability and Integrations

On the Settings tab, update your event frequency and starting/ending dates. The dates/times you included in your Signup do not sync to the Check-Ins event, so add them and any event labels here.

reg integration settings_arrow.png


Your event will only be accessible from a self or roster station on the dates set here. To test your event outside of that timeframe, add a new time on the Times tab for your testing date/time or lock a manned station to your integrated event. Delete any check-ins or testing times before the event start date.

reg integration settings_numbered.png
  1. If your event is recurring, turn on Enable Preselect to save time at future check-ins. A preselect-eligible person has a checkmark next to their name, and the locations/times from their previous visit will be their default. 

  2. To allow parents to pre-check their kids in, enable your event in Church Center.

  3. If you're tracking numbers using the Headcounts app, make sure to show this event.

  4. If you're scheduling your volunteers in Services, enable the Services integration so that Check-Ins can match them to their scheduled location. 

Manage Location Settings and Labels

On the Labels & Locations tab, the folders and locations have the same names as your synced assignment types and areas in Registrations. Any age/grade options or capacity settings you added to each assignment area carry over as location filters. 


If you're only syncing attendees to your Check-Ins event, you must add locations manually and set additional age/grade filters.

While assignment area options must be managed in Registrations, you can update the volunteer settings and labels for each location in Check-Ins.

reg integration location settings_numbered.png
  1. Set a required number of volunteers who must check into this location before it becomes available for attendees.

  2. Set an attendee limit based on every volunteer check-in. The location will become unavailable if this limit is met and an additional volunteer has not checked in.

  3. Select Manage Labels to view all default and custom labels in your account. 

  4. Select Add a Location Label to assign a label to this location. Labels added here only print for attendees checking into this specific location. 

Design Custom Labels

When creating custom labels, there are unique field options that are only available for Registration integration events. 

  1. Include any add-ons selected during registration.

  2. Show the person's selection type.

  3. Add the event logo.

  4. Include the name and phone number of the checked in by person.

Check People In

During the window of time you set up on the Times tab, open a Check-Ins station to find your signup and check people in using a manned, self, or roster station.


If your signup isn't showing on the station, go to the station settings and uncheck the "lock" setting to show all events, or choose your signup from the list. If there is no active session, you must select Start a new session from the Settings tab in the admin pages. 

By default, attendees are grouped with their household members, but you can see other people from their registration group in the More people ____ can check in section.

reg integration more people station_arrow.png

All Registrations alerts, like balances due, missing required forms, etc., are also shown in Check-Ins. If there's an alert for an attendee, it will pop up before you confirm the check-in.

reg integration station alert.png


If a registered person tries to check in at a self station and has an incomplete registration due to missing required questions or forms or a balance due, they cannot check in and are instructed to see a leader for help.

Roster stations only populate with attendees whose registrations are complete. If you have assignments/areas synced, roster stations can be locked to a specific one, or the stations can switch between them. 

reg integration roster switch area.gif

Check In Unregistered People

You can check unregistered people in at a manned or roster station, and a location will be suggested based on the location filters. Set their type to Guest to follow up with them after check-in. 

reg integration station switch to guest.gif


Checking in does not automatically register someone for the event. Ask them to scan a QR code to register or have an admin register them!

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