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If you want to track who attended your event and keep all the event information in one place, you can take attendance in the event.

From the Registrations tab, click Attendance to choose how you want to take attendance.

  1. Take attendance for all attendees.
  2. If you've added a filter, only take attendance for those attendees.
  3. If you need to print labels, use Check-Ins to take attendance.

When you choose to take attendance within the event (option 1 or 2), you'll be taken to a roster of the attendees.

šŸ¤ž AttendanceĀ -Ā Registrations
  1. Click Edit to change the name of the attendance.
    If your event happens over multiple days, you can choose the date.
  2. Search the name of the person to add their attendance.
  3. Check the boxes to show who was in attendance.

Click Done to report attendance.

The attendance will be saved on the Registrations tab, where you can view who attended, edit the attendance, or delete it entirely.

šŸ¤ž Spring RetreatĀ -Ā Registrations
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