New: Allow congregants to only register themselves or their household

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For some events, you want people to be able to bring anyone and everyone with them — the more the merrier! But sometimes you only want people to be able to sign up for themselves or their household members.

Now you can limit who can sign up for an event. In the general settings for your event, you’ll see an option for who congregants can register:


Self, household and others is the default for new events. This enables congregants to register both household members and others outside their household (via the “add someone else” action on Church Center).

Self and household restricts congregants to registering existing household members only. If this option is selected, they will not be able to add to their household during registration.

Self only means that a congregant can only register themselves. 

Admins can always register multiple people together, regardless of these settings. This restriction applies only to congregants signing up on Church Center.

As always, if guest registration is enabled for your event and a congregant registers as a guest, they will only be able to register themselves. But if you have registrations limited to self only, even logged-in congregants will only be able to register themselves!

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