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If a simple signup event is over capacity, but you want people to reserve spots in case they become available, you can enable a wait list for selections.

Enable Waitlist

From the Selection tab in the Event Settings, check the box to enable the wait list.

As people sign up to attend the event, the Registrations number will increase.

If someone has already selected the waitlist, the box will be grayed out.

What does it look like on the event page?

If someone wants a selection that's full, they can add the number in their party to the Wait List.

Centerville Church

Promote Waitlist Registrations

As people sign up, they will be added to the Waitlist tab. Click the registration to promote it.

­čĄ× Murder Mystery Dinner┬á-┬áRegistrations

From the registration, click Promote to move the the registration from Wait list to Active.

­čĄ× Registrations

When you promote a registration, the Registration contact will receive an email about their registration.

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