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Manage the capacity for your whole signup and put limits on how many people can register for certain selections.

Selection Capacities

Manage capacities from the Selections tab by clicking Edit capacities.


Enter the capacity for the individual selection options.


Total Capacity

If you want to limit the entire signup, update the total capacity. The total capacity will take effect first, even if it's less than the total capacity of all the selections combined.

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Register People

When you register people for a detailed signup as an Administrator, you can override full capacities. The overall capacity for the signup will be raised to include people registered by Administrators.

Administrators cannot override capacity limits when registering people for a simple signup. The capacities must be raised first in the Selections tab within the Manage tab to allow more registrations.

When capacities are added to Selections, an Admin will have the option to register people, up to the number still available.


If there is only a total capacity set for the signup, the capacity will be updated for all selections during registration.


Capacities For Split Registrations

If you've enabled split registrations, your selection capacities will be carried over for each date, not divided among them.

People will see each published date/time for the signup before registering. They can click on View availability under a date/time option to see how many spots are available for each selection.


During registration, people can select the dates/times and be able to see how many slots are remaining for each selection.

  1. The number of spots still available based on the capacity set for this selection.

  2. If a selection's capacity is reached on a specific date/time option, it will be displayed as "Full".

Troubleshooting: When Capacities are Reached

When a capacity is reached, people will not be able to register for that option in Church Center. To allow additional registrations, update the total or selection capacity.

View the public page when at capacity by expanding a section below.

Signup with Cost at Capacity

If the total capacity of a signup that requires payments has been reached, the signup will appear as Sold Out.


Free Signup at Capacity

If the total capacity of a free signup has been reached, the signup will appear as Full.


Selection with Cost at Capacity

If a selection that requires payment is at capacity, that selection will show as Sold Out.


Free Signup with Selection at Capacity

If a selection in a free signup is at capacity, that selection will show as Full.

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