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Some events don't require who is registering as much as how many people are coming. Create a simple signup event with selections for people to choose when they are registering

When you create a new event, choose Simple as the type of event, which will allow people to make multiple selections on their registration.

New Event - Registrations


Treat the settings the same as a detailed event: add the description, image, location, categories, event managers, and support contact on the Event Details tab.

The public page will reflect all the information you set on the General tab.

  1. Set the registration to be open or closed. Enable the close/open automatically and choose the date you want registrations to be available.
  2. Attendees can cancel their own registration at the bottom of their registration page if you enable it.
  3. Attendees will receive a confirmation email once they register. The message will include all registration information, as well as any message you add. It will also link to the event, their personal details, and show who they can contact.
  4. If you'd like a specific email address to be notified when someone registers, enter it in the Notification List.
Closed Event

Your event will appear as closed if the Registration setting is Closed, and people will not be able to register.

Not On Sale

An Admin can register an attendee on the Admin side even if the event is closed.


Create the selections a person needs to choose, as well as the appropriate capacity.

  1. To add more selections, click New selection.
  2. Change the capacity of each selection.

New Selection

Enter the name you want people to see when they're choosing a selection. When you're ready for it to be accessible, enable the checkbox.

🤞 Registrations

Edit Capacity

When you click Edit capacities, you can enable the wait list as well.

Register for a Simple Signup Event

When a person registers, they will simply need to choose the number of selections they want and add contact information.

Centerville Church

Export CSV

All registrations are added to the Registrations tab in the appropriate place.

As people register, you can email them and export a CSV file of the attendees.

🤞 Murder Mystery Dinner - Registrations
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