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This is a season when we would normally be assigning middle school campers to cabins and placing kids into classrooms for VBS. For many of us, this isn't possible right now. But even though your summer plans may be in limbo, we still prioritized some major updates to assignments, to help you better organize your near-term virtual events, like classes and prayer groups — and when the time comes, you can use them for your camps, retreats, and VBS too.


Sometimes you’re hosting a conference for hundreds of people; other times you’re planning a dinner for a couple dozen. We redesigned assignments from the ground up so that it works just as well for your women’s retreat as it does for your leadership meeting. You’ll also notice that it looks and feels more like the rest of Registrations, making it easier to get started if you’re new to assignments.

02-live-search-square.png Live search for attendees and areas

Let’s say Lindsay just registered and you know she wants to be in the 7 a.m. prayer group—type her name into the live search to add her to the group.

03-unassigned-square.png Organize attendees faster

Do you have a handful of people who haven’t been placed in groups yet? See a list of only unassigned attendees and assign them from there!

04-areas-square.png Adapt to growing events

You planned to have four discussion groups for your class, but now you need eight — add and rearrange groups as you go.

05-attendee-types-square.pngLeverage attendee types

In addition to age, grade, and gender, you can now automatically assign people based on attendee type.

06-two-ways-square.pngAuto-assign attendees two ways

If you have 30 class attendees and five discussion groups available, would you rather have three groups of 10 or five groups of 6? Now you can choose! Use waterfall auto-assignments to fill groups to set capacity, or use balanced auto-assignments to distribute attendees evenly. 


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