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You can share your signup by copying the link or a QR code for any public signup.

All Signups

From the main Signups page, click the Church Center dropdown to visit the public page.

Church Center shows all your published signups for people to view or start their registration.

You can even filter the page based on campuses or categories you've created.

Scroll to the bottom of the signups page, and then click on Shareable Code to download a QR code to share with others on a promo card or sign.

Individual Signups

From an individual signup, click View on Church Center to be taken to its signup.

view public page

If you don't see View on Church Center, it means your signup is not available for people to see. Publish the signup from the Details tab.

Copy the link in the browser bar or click Shareable Code to download a QR code to share the signup with others on a promo card or sign.

public individual event page
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