Create a Group from Registrations

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If you want to communicate with a group of people who have registered for an event, you can add them to a group! Once they're added to the group, they can chat, access resources, or view upcoming events applicable to them.


The following steps require access to the following:

This process can be a collaborative effort with people who have those permissions, or an Administrator in those applications can give those permissions.

Create a List

Create a list in People to find the attendees who have registered for the event. Add the specific selection or assignment for the people that you want to add to the group.

list_attendee type.png

Enable Auto-Refresh and Automations

As people begin to register for the event, they are added to this list the next morning, and then auto-refresh and automations add them to the group.

Set List to Auto-Refresh

Set the event to auto-refresh in the Settings , which refreshes the list every day.


Create Automation

Create a list automation to add the people to the group.

automation_add to group_arrow.png


If you don't need to attendees to automatically be added to the group, you can use bulk actions to take the same step manually.

Message Group Members

The group will begin to fill up as people sign up for the event. When all attendees have registered or once the group is full, welcome the group members by sending them a group message.

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