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Create Reports on Attendees

If you want to generate a list of all those registered for a signup or keep track of payments, you can choose one of our built-in reports or export a CSV with more detailed information. Use these reports to see an overview of all attendees, create a list of people you can print, and more.

From the Registrations tab in a signup, click the Actions button to expand the menu and choose a type of report in the Export section.



If you use a simple signup, the only reporting option available is the CSV export.


The Overview Report will show you a complete review of the signup.

  1. See totals at the top.

  2. A list of your different selections, their capacities, how many attendees are registered for each, and the remaining available capacity for each selection.

  3. The Payments breakdown shows the total payments and refunds, along with how much has been collected for each payment type.

  4. See how many add-ons have been purchased or reserved and the amount collected for each.

  5. See how many people have answered dropdown registration questions and totals for each selection. Paragraph and text questions will not be listed in this report.

Guest List

The Guest List Report will show you a list of the current attendees and a snapshot of each person's registration information, including emergency contact info, whether they've turned in required forms, and how much they owe. Canceled attendees will not appear.


Need to see more about a registration? Click on the attendee's registration number to be taken to their registration details.


Print this out for an offline version of the Registrations page.

Amounts listed in the payments columns are not attendee specific. Amounts include all attendees in the registration. The amount is listed once on the first attendee's line and left blank for everyone else in that registration.


CSV Export

The CSV report contains contact and registration information for attendees. It can be imported into other applications so that you can create custom views of your signup data.


Payments in a Single Signup

If you want a CSV of all the payments collected in a specific signup, go to the Payments tab in the signup and click Export CSV.


Payments in All Signups

You can also export a report on payments collected across all signups from the Payments page.

  • An Organization Administrator can see the Stripe Payouts to see how much was taken out in fees for each signup.

  • Filter the transactions by date and payment method, then export a CSV based on your filters. This CSV export will include links to credit and debit card payment details in Stripe.


Not seeing the report you’re looking for? There are more powerful ways to find information in Planning Center People.

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