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As we've added features and functionality to the registration detail, the layout has gotten cluttered. Actions were hard to find and the information was hard to skim. After adding the registration contact feature, we knew it was time to look at the registration detail with fresh eyes. Today, you'll see these updates when viewing your registrations.


(1) At the top, you'll see the registration contact. This is the person who receives all correspondence about the registration, so we wanted their information to be prominent and clear.

(2) Next up is an overview of the attendees on the registration. This information was previously in the sidebar, where it often felt crowded on registrations with lots of attendees and add-ons. This list also now indicates at-a-glance which of the attendees are incomplete (missing required information, questions, or forms).

(3) Payments and refunds have been pulled into their own section, so it's easy to see if a balance or refund is due.

(4) The attendee detail has remained largely unchanged; we tightened up some of the design details and improved the hierarchy of the information with an eye toward better readability — again, especially for complex registrations. One addition you'll notice is that, in the footnote on the attendee, we now show when they registered and who registered them. (This will enable you to see if an attendee was registered by an admin, which we know is important to many of you!)

We're looking forward to continuing to improve this view over the months to come — and this new layout lays the groundwork for some of the exciting work we already have underway in Registrations.

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