New: Specify the contact person for a registration

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When a parent registers their child on Church Center, the parent is automatically set as the registration contact. This means that they receive notifications — like balance due reminders and emails — for the registration.

But what if a teen registered themselves but their parent is the one who needs to receive balance due reminders? Or what if you registered a child from the admin side but want their parent to receive the confirmation email?

Starting today, you can edit the contact for a registration — or add a contact if it doesn't have one!

If you registered the person on the admin side, you'll see a button to Add a registration contact.reg_contact_update_note.png

That button will enable you to search for a person to assign as the contact for the registration. This can be anyone in People — so if, for example, you have a group of pastors attending a conference, but their administrative assistant should receive emails about their registration, you can select them as the registration contact.

If the registration was created through Church Center, the person who created the registration will already be listed as the registration contact:


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