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In March, we introduced the concept of guest registration on Church Center. Our primary goal with those changes was to make it clear when a congregant was logged in and when they weren't — so they knew why (or why not) they could see their household and personal information during registration.

But sometimes you have events where households and personal information aren't needed — and in those cases, it's nice to skip log-in and jump right into registration.

In the Church Center settings for your event, you'll now find three options for guest registration:

None will force all registrants to log in when they start a registration. This is the default setting for new events.

Show "continue as guest" option will do just that: your registrant will be encouraged to log in but they'll be given a secondary option to continue as a guest. This is the way the current option to Allow guest registrations works.

If you choose Default to guest path, your registrant will be prompted for their email address when they start a registration, but they won't have to enter a log-in code.

But remember: Guests can only register themselves, and they cannot edit their personal information. We strongly recommend that you only use guest registration when none of your attendee types have required personal information and when you expect most registrants to be registering themselves.

For example, guest registration is not recommended for VBS sign-ups. Parents need to be able to see their household to register their kids, and you probably need information like grade, gender, and medical notes for each attendee.

On the other hand, guest registration is great for collecting sign-ups for a membership class. You want it to be easy to sign up, and you don't need to collect much information beyond how many people are coming and what their names are.

We hope these changes make it easier to coordinate the wide variety of events you host at your church!


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