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Some events don't require a lot of information from attendees, so you can treat them more like guests to an event. If you don't need people to fully log in to register for your event, and you want them to be able to register quickly, allow them to register as a guest.

From the Church Center tab, choose Default to guest path from the Guest registration options.

church center tab

When a person registers for an event, they will be asked for their email address and name to start their registration, but they won't need to verify any information.

continue as guest

Although this does not require a person to verify information by signing in, we still strongly discourage using this page as a kiosk, since some people may want to log in to register.

When someone registers as a guest, their email address is used to match them with a current profile in People. If they don't have a profile already, a new one is created for them.

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