Register a Couple for an Event

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For events that couples can attend, getting both people to register can be tricky. Use the tips below to help make the registration process much easier for couples.

Couple Attendee Type

Create an attendee type for someone to use when they're registering themselves and their spouse.

couple attendee type

If the event allows childcare at a cost, you can also add an attendee type for parents to register their child to be at the event and pay along with their registration.

Group Code

To ensure correct pricing if the attendee adds both themselves and their spouse, create a group discount.

group code
  1. Set the amount to 100%.
  2. The group number tells you the number of people charged for the event, so set the minimum to 1, and choose to apply it to everyone after the first attendee.
  3. Only make it available for the Couple attendee type.

If two couples register on the same registration, only one charge will be made. You'd have to split the registrations into two from the Admin side.

Required Question

Create a required question for the spouse's name.


Add the Spouse to Registration

Once people register, you can add the spouse as an attendee, using the name provided in the required question.

add attendee

Because of the group code, there isn't an extra charge for the spouse, so their registration is complete.

completed registration

If there are other questions the second spouse needs to answer, send an email to the person who registered them to gather that information.

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