Use Add-Ons for Merch

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Add merchandise for attendees to purchase by putting add-ons on your event.

Check out this video to see how to set up add-ons.


From the Settings of the event, go the Add-Ons tab and choose New Add-On to create one.

Fill out the information for the add-on that will be shown on the event page.

  1. Enter the name of the add-on as you want people to see it when they're registering.
  2. Add the price as well as the number of items available, so it will show as sold out when the amount is reached.
  3. If you don't want to make the add-on available yet, you can choose to hide it.
  4. Allow attendees to make partial payments for the add-on.
  5. Allow attendees to purchase more than one of the items listed.
  6. Make the add-on available to certain attendee types, so attendees don't needlessly order something.

Select Save to allow this add-on to be listed on your event.


If your add-on is something with different options, add those as variations.

variation examples

Delete variations by selecting the trash can icon.

You can edit or delete an add-on by going into the add-on settings.

edit or delete add ons

You cannot delete an Add-On unless no one has already chosen that add-on. If you've removed the add-on from registrations and are still unable to delete the Add-Ons, that means someone else has chosen that Add-On and hasn't finished their registration. It cannot be deleted until the person finishes their registration, but you can choose to hide it on Church Center to disallow others to choose it.

Select Add-Ons from the Event Page

As a person registers, they're able to select their add-ons, and the cost of each add-on will be added to their registration total.

add ons options
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