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Common Uses for Add-Ons

Here are some of the most common ways add-ons are used for signups.


Add optional extras for people to purchase, like shirts, mugs, or commemorative photos.


Extra Activities

Add the activities at your event, so people can choose which activity they want to participate in.


When registering, a person can choose to participate in the activity, and any cost will be added to the total amount due.


You can add forms for specific activities that may require extra acknowledgments or parent permission.

Choose a Preferred Section

Allow people to choose where they sit or which team they join.

  1. Describe the type of options you want people to choose from.

  2. Name each section.

  3. Add the number of seats available in each specific area.

Assigned Tickets

Allow people to reserve specific seats or assigned tickets for an event.

  1. Name the specific section the tickets are located in.

  2. Create a variation for each specific ticket in the section and set the quantity to 1.

  3. If this add-on is only for a specific selection, specify the selection, and it will be hidden for anyone registering under a different selection.

  4. Check this box to allow attendees to choose multiple add-ons. If left unchecked, attendees can only choose one add-on per attendee. 

When people register, they can choose a ticket. Add a quantity for each one, so when it's already taken, it will be marked as sold out.

Create a "Cover the Fee" Option

Give people the option to cover the processing fees for a card payment.


Stripe, our payment processor, charges 2.15% + $.30 per credit card or debit card transaction. Calculate how much the fee will be for each of your selections and create add-ons specific to each Selection price.


If you'd like to require people to cover the processing fee, make the add-on required.

Time/Date Slots

Events like a Parents Day Out or Day Care need to collect more attendee information than split registrations. You can set up those days and allow people to purchase more than one.

  1. To limit people to one option per day, use variations.

  2. To allow people to choose multiple options per day, use separate add-ons.

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