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If you are having a dinner and want people to supply some of the items, create an event and send the link to those who have planned to bring items! They can choose which item they're bringing when they register.

Add Dishes as Attendee Types

Create attendee types to use as the dishes people can sign up to bring.

add attendee types

Make sure you enter the maximum number of dishes by clicking Edit Capacities.

Get Any Extra Information

Add any questions you need answered in order to make sure the food gets where it belongs.

add questions

If you don't need to get any extra information, make this event a simple signup!

Invite People to Sign Up

Once the event is created, send the link to those who will want to sign up for a dish. When they go to the link, they can click Register to choose what type of dish they want to bring.

event page

The person will choose what type of dish they'll be bringing as their attendee type, answer any questions you've added, and receive a confirmation email once they've finished registering.

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