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If you want to advertise an event or opportunity but don't need to collect registrations, use an announcement.

You can tell announcements apart from the other signups on the Signups page.

  1. In the Attendees column, there will be a dash ( - ), not a number

  2. In the Registration column, it will show as None.

Create an Announcement Signup

The process to create an announcement is the same as other signups. Just choose the None option to disable attendee registrations when selecting the signup type, and then click Next.


Add the Announcement Details

Add the important details for your announcement, such as description, date and time, location, and visibility, and the event will show up on your public page.

announcement about tab_numbered.png
  1. Edit the Announcement name/title.

  2. Add an image or logo. Use .jpg, .png, or .gif file formats and an aspect ratio of 16:9 for image uploads.

    If you don't have an event logo, you can use the Unsplash integration to find free photos for your event logo.

  3. Add dates and times for your event.

  4. Add a description. Include links and special formatting to make important information stand out.

  5. Add a physical or virtual location to let people know where to go.

  6. Add additional people as Managers for the announcement, if needed.

Announcements on Church Center

On your public page, the announcement will show its description, dates (if any), and location.


Share the link to the event with your congregation!

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