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If someone entered the wrong information when registering, an Administrator can fix it on the person's registration.

If you've registered the wrong person, do not update their name from the personal information pencil. Updating that name changes that person's profile across all Planning Center apps. Follow the steps to transfer registration if you've registered the wrong person.

Registration Details

Click Edit and make corresponding changes to personal information, add-ons, and questions.


Contact Person

If someone registers a child for the event, but the information needs to go to the someone else, you can change the contact person for the registration. Click Change Contact, and then type the new one.

change contact person

Change Attendee Type or Transfer Registration

If a person registers as the wrong attendee type, registers the wrong person, or wants to transfer their registration to someone else, an Admin can fix that from their registration.

  1. Add the correct attendee to the registration.
  2. Cancel the original attendee.

Add the Correct Attendee

Click Add Attendee to register the correct person for the correct attendee type. Type the person's name and choose the desired attendee type.

individual registration information

This process keeps all payments attached to the registration. Any add-ons or answers to questions need to be added to the new attendee manually.

Cancel Attendee

Scroll to the bottom of the registration and click Cancel Attendee on the original registration.

cancel attendee

The new attendee, as well as the canceled one, will show in your attendee list to help you track changes.

updated registration page

Now, email the registration contact letting him or her know the changes you made to the registration--or changes they need to make to their registration.

Change Selections

From the registration on a Simple Signup Event, you can update the selections.

Video Overview

Watch the video below to see how people can register for your event.

Download the video or share a link with attendees.

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