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If someone entered the wrong information when registering, an Administrator can fix it on the event's page.

From the Registration tab, select the registration you want to change.

You'll be taken to the person's registration information where you can make changes.

Select the pencil and make corresponding changes.

  1. Update personal information.
  2. Add or remove add-ons.
  3. Answer any questions.

If you've registered the wrong person, do not update their name from the personal information pencil. Updating that name changes that person's profile across all Planning Center apps. Follow the steps below if you've registered the wrong person.

If a person registers as the wrong attendee type or registers themselves instead of someone else, an Admin will have to add another attendee to the registration, and then cancel the incorrect attendee.

To change the attendee type, select Add Attendee.

This process duplicates the registration but keeps all payments attached. However, any add-ons or answers to questions need to be recreated manually.

Type the name of the person registering and choose them from the list.

add attendee to registration

Choose the Attendee Type from the dropdown, and then select Next to be taken back to the registration details.

choose the attendee type for new registration

Now, you should have an additional attendee on the registration.

Answer the questions and choose the add-ons for the new attendee, and then click Cancel Attendee on the attendee you no longer need.

Confirm the cancellation, which will take you back to the registration, where you'll see the correct registration as well as the canceled one to help you track changes.

Now, email the attendee letting him or her know the changes you made to the registration--or changes they need to make to their registration.

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