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If you've registered for an event and paid the minimum deposit, you'll need to finish paying the balance amount before the event begins.

Follow the steps below to pay the balance of your registration.

There are multiple ways to access your registration:

  • The original confirmation email
  • The balance reminder email
  • The event itself
Confirmation Email

At the end of the confirmation email is a link back to your event registration.

Select that button, and you'll immediately be logged in.

confirmation email
Balance Reminder Email

If an Admin sends you an email reminding you to pay your balance, you can select the button and be logged in to make your payment.

balance reminder
Event Page

If you can't find an email allowing you to log in, go to the event and select Log in to view your registration.

event page

Enter your email address on the next page, which will send you an email with a button for you to log in.

log in email

Once you're logged in, scroll to the bottom of your registration, and then choose an amount to pay.

You can type in a specific amount or pay the whole balance due by entering your credit card number, expiration date, and CVC number. Then select Make payment to charge your card.

If you have any forms to complete, you can download them from here as well.

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