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Cancel or Restore a Registration

You can cancel an entire signup by canceling all attendees. If you don't need to cancel the whole signup but need to cancel some attendees or registrations, you can do both within their registration details.

If the signup is rescheduled or attendees who canceled decide they do want to attend, you can restore the registrations.


When an attendee or registration is canceled, their assignments are removed and cannot be restored. If you restore an attendee, you'll need to recreate their assignments.

Cancel All Attendees

If your event needs to be canceled, you can cancel all attendees by clicking the Actions button on the Registrations tab and selecting Cancel all.


Change the Visibility settings to do not include on the Settings tab if you want to remove the signup from Church Center.


If you cancel all attendees and need to issue refunds, you'll need to refund each registration manually. Then you can archive the event.

Cancel One Registration or Attendee

You can cancel all attendees in a registration or a single attendee from a registration in the registration details.


You can allow attendees to cancel their own registrations from the Settings tab in the Manage tab. They cannot choose specific attendees to cancel; they can only cancel the entire registration.

Canceling the registration removes all registered attendees from the signup.


To remove only one attendee from the signup, click Cancel Attendee under that person's details.


When you cancel a registration or attendee, the canceled attendee(s) will be grayed out on the registration and moved to the Canceled tab on the Registrations tab. The registration balance may also show a refund due, which will have to be manually refunded.

View Canceled Attendees

See the canceled attendees from the Canceled tab. Click to open a registration and restore it or issue a refund.


Canceled attendees will be moved to the bottom of a registration with other active attendees.

Restore Registrations or Attendees

To restore a registration or an attendee, click Restore Registration or Restore Attendee. Restoring a registration will restore all attendees in the registration.


You cannot restore multiple registrations or attendees at once.


If you issued a refund after you canceled a registration, the restored registration will have a balance due. You can send them a balance reminder email so they can make a new payment.

Delete a Registration

If the registration has no payments attached to it, you can delete the registration after you cancel it.


Once a registration is deleted, there is no way to recover it or any of its details.


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