Cancel or Restore a Registration

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If someone is unable to attend your event, you can cancel their registration in order to free up space for others. You can also restore that canceled registration if they change their mind.

When an attendee or registration is canceled, attendee assignments are lost and cannot be restored. When you restore an attendee, you'll need to recreate their assignments.

Cancel Attendee

Canceling the attendee only removes the one attendee from the event.

Scroll to the bottom of the attendee's registration and click Cancel Attendee.

cancel attendee

Once the attendee is canceled, the balance changes, and the attendee is grayed out on the registration.

one canceled attendee

If you cancel an attendee, you can still issue a refund for the amount of the attendee.

The attendee will show on the Registrations tab but with a line through the name.

registrations page

Restore Attendee

After you've canceled the attendee, if you need to restore the person's registration in order for them to be registered again, click the button to Restore Attendee.

restore attendee

Cancel Registration

Canceling the registration removes any registered attendees from the event.

cancel registration

If you cancel a registration, the whole page will gray out, and the registration will be totally grayed out on the Registration page.

Restore Registration

After you've canceled the registration, if you need to restore it, click the button to Restore Registration.

restore registration

If you issue a refund after you cancel a registration, the restored registration will then have a balance due. You can send them a balance reminder email.

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