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Finding any image for your event is hard, and finding a quality photo is even more difficult! It’s amazing how something so simple can often take up so much of our time. To help speed up this process, we have added a little something to Registrations. 

Introducing our integration with Unsplash!

Unsplash is a website where photographers upload their high quality work for anyone to use, for free! Now, through our integration with Registrations, you can get photos from Unsplash to use for your event or group image. There are no additional fees on your end, and you can change images as frequently as you want!

Under the Details tab, edit your event image and click Free photos. We will automatically enter the name of your event into the search field to help get some ideas started. If you want to search for something else, type the description in the search box, click on the photo you want, and it will immediately become the event’s image.


Note: It’s important that all content accessible through Planning Center is clean, and family-friendly. Unsplash meets those requirements. For more information, you can see Unsplash’s submission guidelines here.

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