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Over the past few months we've been looking closely at all the potential roadblocks and struggle points during the Registration process and have identified a few small adjustments we can tweak to help move the process along. 

Today we released an update that removes the following question that used to be there:


And moved all of those interactions to the next step:


Now, whatever situation you have, this one page will take care of you:

  • Registering yourself - Select your attendance type, and click next! No need to sign in.
  • Registering your family - Click the big blue "Send Sign In Email" to expose who is in your family. This generic blurred image of a family in the back will look exactly the same for everyone who is in a household. Otherwise, it won't show.
  • Registering someone else - Click "add a friend who is not in your family" to add a new person. Previously people were adding household members as "friends" because it seemed easier than signing in. But, this would make quite a few duplicates in the software. So we've made this look like a secondary step under the Sign In step, to help encourage people to sign in first.

These may be small changes, but we will continue to research and tweak the registration process as time goes on.



Team Registrations.

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