Duplicate an Event

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If you like the way the event is created, or you want to do this same event at another time, select Duplicate then choose which parts of the event you'd like to duplicate and for what date.

From the Events page, select Event Details to be taken to the event itself.

From the Settings tab, select Duplicate to copy all the settings and create a new event.

Duplicating works great for repeating events. Enter or change the information for the new event.

Choose Options to Duplicate
  1. Set the name of the event. If the event is named the same, leave this blank as is.
  2. Set the start date and time for the new event.
  3. Choose what information from the original event you'd like copied into the new event.

Select Create to make the new event and be taken to its event page.

Event Settings and Attendee Types will automatically be duplicated.

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