Changing Attendee Settings

This article will walk you through updating someone's Attendee Type.

Event Registration Page

From the Event Registration Page, click on the registration you want to change. Using this process to change attendee type will keep all payments associated with the registration still attached however, any addons, forms or answers, would need to be recreated manually. In the below example we are going to change Steve from being a guest to being a host for the spaghetti dinner. Click on the more details button located below Guest to see the registration details.

Click on Add Attendee to duplicate the existing registration for Steve.

Search for the person whose Attendee Type needs to change and select them from the dropdown.

Choose the correct attendee type. Then click Next.

Now that we have duplicate entries, We want to cancel the incorrect one by clicking on Cancel Attendee on the right side of the registration. Once the registration is canceled it will display like the second listing for Steve.

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