Sent Emails in Registrations

From time to time you'll send emails from the Registrations, and you may need or want to refer back to them. In this article, we'll briefly touch on the types of emails you can send from Registraions and where to view them after they have been sent.

Inside an event, you have the option to send out different types of emails.

- Option One: Email Everyone

      Treat this like a general email. You can email packing list, changes to event details, and much more "general" type information using this blank template.

- Option Two: Balance Due Reminder

      Use this when you have some attendees who still owe money for their registration. It will send them a link that they can use to login and make payments from.

- Option Three: Form Due Reminder

        Just like the Balance Due Reminder, this form of email will send your attendees a link to login and update form information.

Viewing Old Emails

Sometimes, you will send someone a Balance Due Reminder email and they claim they never got it. You can go back and see a list of all the emails the person has received through Planning Center. To access this information you will need to move over to PCO People by using the app switcher on the top left.


Note: If you do not see People as an option when you select that down arrow (or if you do not have a down arrow next to "Registrations"), you will need to have one of your admins add you to the People application. Here is an article that will walk them through how to Give Permissions in People.


1) Go to their profile

2) Select the communication tab.

3) You can see either the sent or received emails.

4) You can see when it was sent and who sent it or who you sent it to.

5) You can also see the app it was sent from, which makes finding your Registrations email easier!

If the email is red, then it means that the email did not get delivered to them.  You will want to make sure that their email address is correct and that they don't have any settings in their email that would be blocking PCO emails from being delivered.



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