Send Emails to Attendees

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You can send emails to people who have registered for events, reminding them about their balance or forms that are due. Use markdown to format your email.

Email Multiple Attendees

From the Registrations tab, select the envelope icon to choose the type of email to send to your attendees.

An email will be sent to the Registration Contact. If no Registration Contact is listed because the attendee was registered on the Admin side, all attendees in that registration will receive an email.

email from registrations tab
  1. Send a generic email to registrations listed on the page.
  2. For people who still have a balance due, send the amount a person owes, along with the link to pay their balance.
  3. Provide a link to download the form.

Email One Registration

From a person's registration, you can choose a type of email to send to the person who filled out the registration, as well as any listed email addresses, by clicking Email.

registration page

If you want the email to go to someone besides the registration contact, you can change that person.

Undelivered Emails

If an attendee mentions they didn't receive an email, try these things:

  • Check the People app to make sure their email address isn't blocked.
  • Ask the attendee to add and to their email address book or whitelist the email address.

If neither of these help, contact support by clicking the ? in the top right corner of the app.

You can see a list of all the emails a person has received through Planning Center from their profile page in People


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