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Assignments help you organize your event by helping you assign your attendees to their cabins, buses, tables, teams, or anything else.

From the Assignments tab, select New Type to create your assignments.

new type

The Assignment Type can hold multiple areas, so set up the type to be the most general type.

Create an Assignment Type

Once you've added the type, you can create new areas within that type.

create an area

Enter the information for the new area to easily assign attendees.

Set Up Assignment Areas
  1. Name the area based on who would be assigned to this area.
  2. Add any restrictions to who could be assigned.
  3. Set a maximium capacity for this van assignment.

Click Save and add more areas to the assignment type.

Assign Attendees Manually

Click and drag people from the list of unassigned people onto the area.

If you hover over an area, and the person doesn't fit the filters, you will not be able to drop them into the area. Either adjust the filters on the area or change the information on the registration.

Auto Assign Attendees

If you have lots of attendees, and you've set your filters up appropriately, click Auto Assign to fill your areas with attendees matching the filters.

auto assign gif

If you want to change assignments after you've auto-assigned them, you can either undo the auto assignment or move people to other areas individually.

Do not leave the page if you think you want to undo the assignment. Once you leave the page, you will not be able to undo the assignments.

Change Assignments

If you want to change an assignment, hover over the assigned person and click the arrow.

change assignment

The person will be moved back into the Unassigned People list to be moved to another assignment.

Now that everyone is registered for the event and assigned to the appropriate place, you can check out the payments page to make sure all the payments have been made.

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