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Forms help you track paperwork that you need from your attendees, such as liability releases and rental agreements. These forms are available for download to your attendees when they register, in confirmation emails, and from reminder emails.

Check out this video on how to add forms to your event for follow the steps below.


From the Forms tab in your event, select New Form.

Enter information about the form and upload it for attendees to download.

form information
  1. Enter the name of the form as you want attendees to view it.
  2. Upload the form in the format you want attendees to download it.
  3. Choose which attendee types or add ons need access to the form.

Select Save to add the form to your event.

Once a person registers, they'll receive a confirmation screen with the form available for download.

They'll also receive the form in their email confirmation.

Confirm Form Completion or Send Reminders

Once someone has completed and returned the form, go to their registration to check the box next to the form to complete their registration.

If the attendee hasn't turned in their form, you can remind them individually or remind all attendees who haven't turned in their form.

Remind an Individual

From the individual registration, select the envelope icon and choose Form Due Reminder.

Enter a personalized message then select Send to send the email with the link to the form to the attendee.

add message

Remind All Attendees at Once

To send a reminder to all who need to fill out forms, go to the Registrations tab and select the envelope to choose Form Due Reminder.

Select which attendees to receive the reminder email.

select attendees and add message

Add a personalized message and select Send to email a reminder to the specified attendees.

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