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Add Registration Questions

You may need to gather information from a group of attendees in a single registration. Create registration questions for these group preferences so the registrant can answer on behalf of the attendee(s) in the group. If you need to collect information from individual attendees rather than a whole group, use attendee questions instead!

Create Questions

On the Configuration tab, go to Registration Questions and select Add a question.


Set up each question as you want it to show when someone's registering.

  1. Choose a question type based on how you want answers to be formatted.

    • Text allows people to type out a short answer.

    • Paragraph gives people more room to type out a detailed answer.

    • Single Checkbox allows people to check the box according to your instructions.

    • Dropdown allows people to choose one of the options you provide.

    • Checkboxes allow people to choose more than one of the provided options.

  2. Ask your question in a way that guides people to give the answers you need. Use the Description field to add extra clarification and context when necessary.

  3. Make each question optional or required to complete registration. You can also choose whether a question is visible on Church Center or Hidden (only available to administrators).

Select Save to add the question to your signup and view a list of all other questions.


It is best practice to have five or fewer registration questions because registrants have only 15 minutes to answer them.

Find Attendee Answers

Administrators can view and edit a person's answers to the registration questions in the registration details below the Balance due section.


To see answers from multiple registrations at once, download a CSV report.


You can view attendees by their answers using the attendee info filter on the Registrations tab.

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