Archive or Duplicate an Event

Once an event date has passed, or if you just want to clean up your Event page, you can archive events, which will remove them from your list on the Admin page. In addition, if you like the way the event is created, or you want to do this same event at another time, select Duplicate then choose which parts of the event you'd like to duplicate and for what date.

From the Events page, select Event Details to be taken to the event itself.

If the event date is in the past, you can archive the event from the Events page by selecting Archive Event.

From the Settings tab, choose the appropriate option.

Archive Event

If you choose to archive the event, you'll need to confirm the choice to archive.

archive confirmation

Once you archive the event, you'll see the title change to (archived), and you'll have the option to immediately unarchive the event.

If you archive an event, you can unarchive it later as well from the Archived Events page.

Unarchive Event

From the Events tab, select Archived Events to see a list of events you've previously archived.

Locate your event in the list of Archived Events then choose Unarchive Event.

Confirm you want to unarchive it, which will remove it from the Archived Events page.

unarchive confirmation

Your event will be moved to the main Events page, so you can access it from there.


Select Duplicate to copy all the settings and create a new event. Duplicating works great for repeating events.

Choose Options to Duplicate
  1. Set the name of the event. If the event is named the same, leave this blank as is.
  2. Set the start date and time for the new event.
  3. Choose what settings from the original event you'd like copied into the new event.

Event Settings and Attendee Types will automatically be duplicated.

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