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Improved: Attendee Questions & Personal Information

You know what stinks? Sweaty gym socks and questions you want answered that aren't answered because they appear after the Registration has already been submitted.

With the new attendee questions and improvements to personal information to collect for selection types, you can get the critical information you need before the Registration is submitted!


What are Attendee Questions?

The new attendee questions introduce the ability to ask individual attendees questions during registration. Just add your question(s) under the new Attendee Questions tab.

Attendee Questions.gif


When setting up a question, you can make it required or optional to answer. You can also restrict who sees certain questions. Do you only want people who choose a specific selection type to answer a question? No problem! Simply select Only certain selections from the Available to dropdown and pick who you want to answer the question.

Attendee Questions Availability.gif


The attendees can see and answer the questions in the new Additional attendee information step when registering in Church Center.

Attendee Questions in CC.png

What’s the difference between Attendee Questions and the Attendee Information Form?

With the new attendee questions, you might wonder, “What do I do with the Attendee Information Form?" That’s a great question! While attendee questions are answered during the registration, the Attendee Information Form should be reserved for information you want to gather after someone has submitted their registration.


What about collecting Personal Information for attendees?

We’ve also changed how you collect the personal information associated with each attendee. You still configure all of the information you want to collect for each attendee under the Selection types tab; however, we’ve updated the layout of this page to make it easier to limit availability and choose what information you want to collect.

Personal Information.png

All personal information about attendees is collected as a part of the Attendees step when registering in Church Center.

Personal Information in CC.png

Here’s to gathering all the information you need during registration!

-The Registrations Team

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