Scholarships are funds that an admin can use to apply credits towards an attendee's registration. These are a great way to manage money for an event that has been raised through a fundraiser or donation. 

This article is going to walk you through adding Scholarships to your event and then how to apply those fund to your attendee's registration balance.

Adding a New Scholarship

To get started, you will need to add Scholarship funds to your event by selecting New Scholarship (1).

That will open a window for you to name your Scholarship and add the amount.

Viewing and Editing Your Scholarships

From the Scholarships tab in your Event Options, you will see all of the scholarships you have added to this event.

1. You will be able to see how much of the funds have already been used and the amount that you have remaining.

2. You can edit the name and the amount of your scholarship by selecting the pencil icon next to the scholarship you wish to edit.

Applying a Scholarship towards an Attendee's Balance

You can apply Scholarship Funds towards an Attendee's registration balance by going to their registration page and selecting Apply Payment.

In the New Payment window, you can choose the Scholarship you would like to use from the Payment Method dropdown (1). The amount will default to the total balance due but you can change the amount here (2). Once you have chosen the payment method and the amount to apply, you will need to choose whether or not you are going to notify the attendee. Selecting the box next to Email Attendee (3) before saving the payment, will send an email receipt to the attendee.

After applying a scholarship to a registration, you will see the scholarship and the amount in the attendee's Transaction Details.

Refunding an applied Scholarship

If you need to refund scholarship funds that were applied to an attendee, you can do so by selecting Issue Refund.

You will need to make sure to choose the Scholarship from the Refund Method dropdown (1). The amount is going to default to the full amount that was applied, but you can change that amount here (2). You can then add a Memo to the refund for your records (3).

After the refund is processed, the attendee will show that they now have a balance due and you will be able to see that the Scholarship was applied and refunded in the Transaction Details.

Any scholarship payments will be automatically refunded back to the scholarship when a registration is canceled.

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