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Discounts let you reduce the cost of your event for attendees. Use early bird discounts, group discounts, or discount codes.

From the Configuration tab of the signup, go to Discounts and click New Discount.


Enter the information necessary for the discount to be activated.

  1. The name of the discount is only shown on the Admin side and on registrations where the discount is applied.

  2. Define the amount of money discounted from the price based on a percentage or a flat rate.

  3. Choose the type of discount you want to create and set the expiration date, if applicable.

  4. Check this box to apply the discount to Add-Ons.

  5. Set a date for the discount to expire.

  6. Choose which selections have access to the discount.

Click Save to activate the discount.

Discount Settings

Discount settings are mutually exclusive. You cannot create a Code discount that is also a Group discount, but you can create one of each and allow people to apply both discounts when they register.


Discounts will be added to the whole registration. If you want a discount only to be applied to one person, they must register individually. They can be given to specific selections, though, so if only one person in a registration has a discounted selection, the discount will only be applied to that person.


A popular way to give a discount is by providing a code. Enter the code you'd like to use, and when attendees use that code, they will receive the discount.



Add codes to your marketing materials for people to use when registering.

Only one code can be applied to an attendee. If two codes are entered, and an attendee qualifies for both, the system will give the greater of the two discounts.


Help out a large family or group of people registering at one time by giving them a group discount. Specify the size the group has to be to get the discount, and then determine if all attendees will get the discount or if only the registrations after the minimum amount will receive the discount.


Early Bird

Give discounts for early registrations. The early bird price will be listed on the event, even if it's FREE, with the original cost crossed out next to it until the expiration date.


Add an early bird discount before people start registering. The discount will not be applied to people who registered before it was added.


No discount will allow you to set a maximum amount a person can be charged. The max amount should be the price associated with the selection.


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Apply a Discount

Group and early bird discounts are applied automatically at the time of the registration. Code discounts can be added manually in the attendee's registration.

From the registration, click Apply discount.


Choose the discount from the dropdown, and then click Apply.


The discount will then be added to the registration.

Remove a Discount

To remove a Code discount from a registration, expand the registration and click the minus sign.


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