Partial Payments

Partial Payments allow you to only require a minimum deposit to be paid at the time of registration.You can set a minimum deposit amount for your attendees to pay or set the minimum deposit to $0.00 and let them register for the event without paying at all, which is helpful if you have attendees who wish to pay by cash or check for some or all of their registration cost.

To enable Partial Payments, go to your Attendee Types and select the pencil icon to edit.

Enabling Partial Payments

Select Yes under Partial Payments and enter in the minimum deposit. If you do not need to require a minimum deposit to be paid during the registration process, you can enter $0.00.

attendee type settings

If you add a minimum deposit, that deposit will need to be paid by card before your attendees will be able to complete the registration form. If you have attendees paying in all cash or check, set your minimum deposit $0.00.

Partial Payments are enabled per Attendee Type, so you can set up partial payments for one Attendee Type and not another.

Event Side

Once you have Partial Payments enabled, your attendees will have options on the final payment page. They can either pay the full amount, the minimum deposit (or choose pay later if your minimum deposit is set to 0.00), or a specific amount.

There is not an option to include add-ons in partial payments. If an attendee has add-ons selected, they will need to be paid for online before the registration can be completed.

Regardless of which option the attendee chooses, they will receive a Confirmation email. If they still have a balance due, the confirmation email will include a link that will direct them back to the final registration page where they will be able to make additional payments.

Cash/Check Payments

If your attendees need to pay by cash or check, you should set the minimum deposit amount to $0.00 so they can complete the registration without making a payment then add that payment on their registration itself.

Select Apply Payment on their registration.

Then choose the type of payment you're adding as well as the amount and any additional information.

Cash/Check Payments

Check the box to send the receipt to the attendee.

View All Payments

From the Payments tab, you can view all payments and refunds from any event.

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