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Partial Payments

Partial Payments allow you only to require a minimum deposit to be paid at the time of registration. You can set a minimum deposit amount for your attendees to pay to register for the event.

Partial payments belong to the selection type. Check the box to Allow partial payments, and enter the minimum deposit amount.


If you add a minimum deposit, that deposit will need to be paid by credit or debit card before your attendees can complete the registration form.


If your signup is set to allow cash or check payments, attendees will be able to skip the minimum deposit.


Partial Payments are also available for add-ons.

On the Event Page

Once partial payments are enabled, attendees can pay the full amount, the minimum deposit, or a specific amount.


How do they pay the remaining balance?

  • The confirmation email includes a link that will direct them back to the final registration page, where they can make additional payments.

  • Admins can apply a payment to a registration, and can see any payments made on the Payments tab or page.selection type

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