Create & Update Attendee Types

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Attendees Types keep registrations separate, so you can charge a different amount or obtain different information for different attendees.

When you create a new event, you create the first attendee type. Once the event is created, you can create other attendee types or update a person's chosen attendee type.

Create Additional Attendee Types

Check out this video to see how to set up additional attendee types or follow the steps below.


To add more Attendee Types, go to the Attendee Types tab of the event and select New Attendee Type.

Attendee Types

Enter the appropriate information for the new attendee type.

New attendee type information
  1. Enter the name of the attendee type. Use a name attendees will want to select when registering.
  2. Enter the price this attendee type will need to pay, not including add ons.
  3. If people choosing this attendee type need to fit certain parameters like grade, age, gender, or stage of life, select those filters, and a person will only be able to register for the attendee type they fit in.
  4. Public Attendee Types are shown on the page where the person is registering; if the type is not public, only the Admin will be able to register a person for that type.
  5. Partial Payments allow a person to make a deposit at the time of registering and finish paying their balance later.
  6. Choose which information fields are Required, Optional, or Hidden.
    • A person cannot complete the registration process until required fields are filled out.
    • Optional fields are listed but can be skipped during the registration process.
    • Hidden fields will not show in the registration process.

Once you've created your attendee types, enter the number of people allowed for the event or for the specific attendee type by selecting Edit Capacities.

edit capacities

You can also manage capacities from the Settings.

Enter the maximum number of attendees for the event and for the attendee types.

enter maximum number of attendees

Any box left blank will allow the capacity to be unlimited.

If these options don't cover all the information you'd like to receive from a registrant, create additional questions for them to answer.

Update a Person's Attendee Type

If someone registered as the wrong attendee type, an Admin can fix it on the Event page.

From the Event Registration Page, select the registration you want to change.

You'll be taken to the person's registration information. To change the attendee type, select + Add Attendee.

This process duplicates the registration but keeps all payments attached. However, any add ons, forms, or answers to questions need to be recreated manually.

Type the name of the person registering and choose them from the list.

add attendee to registration

Change the Attendee Type to the correct option from the dropdown then select Next to be taken back to the registration details.

choose the attendee type for new registration

You should show two registrations of the same people but with different Attendee Types. Select Cancel Attendee on the registration which as the incorrect information.

Confirm the cancelation, which will take you back to the registration, where you'll see the correct registration as well as the canceled one to help you track changes.

Now, update any add ons, questions, or forms, or email the attendee letting him or her know the changes you made to the registration--or changes they need to make to their profile.

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