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Attendee Types keep registrations separate, so you can charge a different amount or obtain different information for different attendees. When you create a new event that collects signups, the first attendee type is created for you. You can edit that attendee type and create other attendee types.

Create Additional Attendee Types

When you created the event, you had to create at least one Attendee Type. To add more, go to the Attendee Types tab and click New Attendee Type.

  1. Click to edit the pre-created attendee type.
  2. Click to create a new attendee type.

We only support USD and CAD. An Organization Administrator set the Currency when they initially set up the account.

Select the appropriate information for the new attendee type.

attendee type information
  1. Enter the price this attendee type will need to pay, not including add-ons.
  2. If people choosing this attendee type need to fit certain parameters like grade, age, gender, or stage of life, select those filters, and a person will only be able to register for the attendee type they fit in.
    The age filter defaults to the first date of the event, but you can change it.
  3. Attendee Types are shown on the page where the person is registering; if you decide not to show the Attendee Type on Church Center, only an Event Manager or Administrator can register a person for that type.
  4. Partial Payments allow a person to make a deposit at the time of registering and finish paying their balance later.
  5. Scroll down the modal to choose which fields are Required, Optional, or Hidden.
    • A person cannot complete the registration process until Required fields are filled out.
    • Optional fields are listed but can be skipped during the registration process.
    • Hidden fields will not show in the registration process.
      When creating a child attendee type, you can hide the email address field because the person registering the child will be required to enter an email address at registration.

If an attendee chooses the wrong type at registration, an Admin can re-register them with a new type.

Troubleshooting: Missing Attendee Types or Event Not on Sale

If an attendee type does not appear on the event registration page, check the attendee type settings. If the Show on Church Center is set to No, the attendee type can only be accessed from the Admin side; it will not appear on the public registration page.

If all attendee types are set to No, the event will appear as Not on sale.

Edit or Delete an Attendee Type

To edit or delete an attendee type, select the Attendee Type.

Make any changes to the attendee type, and then click Save to save your changes. Click Delete to completely remove the attendee type.

edit or delete

You cannot delete an Attendee Type unless there is no one registering for that type.

If you've reassigned the registered person to a new attendee type and are still unable to delete the Attendee Type, that means someone else has started registering with that Attendee Type. It cannot be deleted until the person finishes or deletes their registration.

Edit Capacities

Once you've created your attendee types, enter the number of people allowed for the event or for the specific attendee type by clicking Edit Capacities.

edit capacities

Enter the maximum number of attendees for the event and for the attendee types.

enter maximum number of attendees

Any box left blank will allow the capacity for that attendee type to be unlimited up to the event capacity.

Troubleshooting: Public Page View When Capacities are Reached

If capacities are reached, the public page will not allow people to register. To allow additional registrations, update the event or attendee type capacity.

Event at Capacity

If the total capacity of an event that requires payments has been reached, the event will appear as Sold Out.

Event Sold Out
Free Event at Capacity

If the total capacity of a free event has been reached, the event will appear as Full.

event full

Attendee Type at Capacity

If an attendee type that requires payment is at capacity, that attendee type will show as Sold Out.

attendee type sold out
Free Event with Attendee Type at Capacity

If an attendee type of a free event is at capacity, that attendee type will show as Full.

attendee type full

If these options don't cover all the information you'd like to receive from an attendee, create additional questions for them to answer.

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