Registering for an Event

This article will walk you through how to register for an event.

Event Overview

Event Overview

Before you start the registration process you will see an overview of the event. This will show you the different options offered for the event:

1. The event name

2. The different Attendee Types you can register as and their prices. If there is an early bird discount, that will already be incorporated into the green price that you see. There will also be a "price after date" listed under the attendee type name that will show you how much the event will cost after that listed date.

3. Any Group Discounts that are offered will be listed here. You will need to register all of your attendees at once which may require an additional Verification Process which we will go into more depth about in a bit.

4. The event description

5. Any Optional Add-ons that are offered for the event and their prices.

Registering for the Event

Registering for the Event

The first page you will be directed to during the Registration Process will be a field to enter your email address. This email address should be the email address for the person completing the registration form. This might not be the person you are actually registering for the event. If you are registering your child for an event, you will want to add your email address here so you can receive the confirmation email. If your information has never been entered in your organization's account, then you will be instructed to list your first and last name. This should also be your information.

If your information is already in your organization's account, your name will appear on the next page. If you are the one registering for the event, you will want to choose the Attendee Type that best suits you and then select next. If you are registering someone else or need to add someone else to your registration group then select the Add Someone Else button.

Register Someone Else or Add Someone Else

Register Someone Else or Add Someone Else

In order to register someone else, you may need to complete a verification process. To complete the verification process, just select Click Here to Receive a Verification Email. That will send you a quick email to the email address you entered in the beginning of the registration process with a link to continue. That link will bring you right back to the registration page so you can continue the registration process.

Once you select the link in the email you were sent, you will be directed back to the registration page. From here, you will see all of the members currently listed in your household and another Add Someone Else button. If you are just registering members of your current household, you will select the + button next to their name which will put a green box around them and turn the plus into a check mark. If you need to add someone else, you can select that Add Someone Else button and fill in their information.

After you select next, you will be taken through each attendee to answer their registration form. The registration form is split up into three sections: Contact Info, Add-Ons and Questions. Any information that is required will have a gold star next to it and you will need to complete that field before continuing.  

The next page will allow you to review your registration information. All of the costs for the event will appear on the right sidebar and if you have a discount code, you will be able to enter that here. Once you have reviewed everything, you can select Finish and Pay and enter your credit card information. After you submit the registration, you will receive a confirmation email. If you need to contact the person running the event, you will be able to respond directly to that confirmation email and it will be delivered to the person who created the event.

If your organization has enabled Partial Payments you will be able to choose the amount you would like to pay. If you pay anything less than the full amount, then your confirmation email will include a link that will take you back to this final registration page. From there, you will be able to apply additional payments. If you need to make a cash or check payment, you will want to contact the event support contact person (by responding directly to your confirmation email) and ask how they would like to receive those kinds of payments.

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