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Discounts let you reduce the cost of your event for attendees. Use early bird discounts, group discounts, or discount codes.

Check out this video to see how to use discounts or follow the steps below.


From the Discounts tab on the event page, select New Discount.

Enter the information necessary for the discount code to be activated.

discount code details
  1. Name the discount.
  2. Define the amount of money discounted from the price, based on percentage or a flat rate.
  3. If the discount expires, choose when to allow it to expire.
  4. Select which attendee types have access to the discount.

Select Save to activate the discount code.

A percentage-based discount will deduct a percent of the total cost for each qualifying attendee, including the cost of any add ons. If you would rather not have the amount of the discount change based on add on selections, use a flat rate discount.

Select a Discount Type

Each discount type works differently depending on what you need it to do.


A popular way to give a discount is by giving a code. Enter the code you'd like to use, and when attendees use that code, they will receive the discount of the specified amount.



Help out a large family or large group of people registering at one time by giving them a group discount.


Specify the size the group has to be to get the discount then determine if all attendees will get the discount or if only the registrations after the minimum amount will receive the discount.

Early Bird

Give discounts for early registrations! The Early Bird price will be listed as the main price until the expiration date.

early bird

Early Bird discounts require an expiration date.

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