Gather Information with Questions

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Create questions to learn more about your attendees, which can be extremely helpful in making assignments.

Check out this video to learn how to create questions or follow the steps below.


From the event page, select the Questions tab then New Question.

Add information about your question as you want it to show when someone's registering.

add a question
  1. Enter the question in the way you want it to be shown on the event page.
  2. Use the dropdown to choose the type of answers you want to receive.
  3. Choose if the question is required, meaning an attendee cannot complete the registration until it's answered, or hide the question from attendees.
  4. Choose which attendee types need to answer this question.

Select Save to add the question to your event and view a list of all other questions.

Use sections with descriptions to split up your questions. Any question below a section will be listed under that section.

Continue adding questions or sections with the appropriate button or use the pencil icon to edit or delete the question.

Answer Questions When Registering

Questions will show on the registration page after the attendee choses the attendee type.

questions on registration page

Required questions have an asterisk beside them, and sections are offset as a heading with their descriptions below.

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