Custom Questions

This article will walk you through creating and editing Custom Questions for your event.

Creating New Questions and Sections

New Question

New Question
  1. This is where you will enter your question. What you enter in this field is what your attendees will see when they are registering.
  2. The Question Type is a dropdown with 4 options: Text, Paragraph, Multiple Choice, and Yes/No. Text will allow the user to enter a short, single lined response. Paragraph will be used for a long detailed response. Multiple Choice will allow you to enter multiple custom answers that you want the user to choose from. Yes/No will simply give them the option to choose either yes or no.
  3. You will have the option to choose whether or not the question is Required. If you make the question required, the user will not be able to finish through the registration process until it is answered.
  4. Only ask for certain attendee types: Once you select this option, you will see a list of all your different Attendee Types you have created. You can then choose which Attendee Types you would like to ask this question to. If you choose this option, the question will only appear for the selected Attendee Type(s).


New Section

Sections will allow you to separate your questions. To add a New Section, select the New Section button and enter the name you want to appear as the section header.

What Questions Look Like During the Registration Process

What Questions Look Like During the Registration Process
  1. Sections that you have created will appear like this
  2. Multiple Choice questions will appear as a drop down with the options that you have created
  3. Text Questions will only provide a single line for the user to enter their answer
  4. Paragraph Questions will give the user an entire box to type out a detailed response if necessary.
  5. Yes/No Question will have a drop down as well but will only provide the options Yes or No
  6. Required questions will have a yellow star next to the question to indicate that that field needs to be completed.
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