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Manage Signup Settings

Adjust the signup settings to control the elements shown on Church Center. Use the tabs to define the description, times, contact information, signup status, and more. When you change your signup, those changes will immediately update in Church Center. All settings can be found on the Configuration tab of your signup.


On the About tab, you can add more information about the signup, including a signup image.

  1. Edit the signup name.

  2. Use .jpg, .png, or .gif file formats and an aspect ratio of 16:9 for image uploads.

    If you don't have an event logo, you can use the Unsplash integration to find free photos for your event logo.

  3. Add dates and times for the event.

  4. Update the public signup description using the text editor. Add hyperlinks, headers, and quote blocks, format text as code, and insert photos.


    The code block in the text editor will not insert HTML code. It will only format text in a code block.

  5. Use the dropdowns to choose a physical or virtual location.

  6. Use the dropdowns to choose the campus and category.

  7. Choose additional managers to help manage the signup.


Managers will not see the campuses and categories section. Only an administrator can change the campus or category.

Signup Settings

From the Settings tab, specify how or if the event will appear on your public page, manage payment methods and registrant options, add a support contact, and add notification options. Your public page will reflect all the information you set here.

Church Center Availability

When you first create an event, it is hidden. You can choose to show the event on Church Center by publishing it.

  1. Use the link to share your event.

  2. Choose when your event should be visible on Church Center:

    • Now allows anyone to see your event from the main events page as long as registration is open.

    • Choose a specific date/time for the event to be visible.

    • Do not include prevents anyone from seeing your event on your Church Center page while you are getting it set up. The signup is accessible via the direct link shown in number one.

    • The Automatically hide option will be enabled by default to hide the event from your Church Center page when the event ends. If you want it to continue to show on Church Center, you can turn it off.

  3. If you want the event to stay at the top, regardless of the date, enable Featured.

Registration Status

In the Registrations status box, adjust how people can interact with the signup on Church Center.

registration status with numbers.png
  1. Adjust when the signup is open to collect registrations.

    • Open will allow people to begin registering immediately.

    • Select Scheduled to open and choose a date for the signup to begin collecting registrations.

    • A signup marked as Closed will be visible on Church Center, but people will not be able to register.

    • Check Close registration automatically to close the signup from collecting signups after the event date has passed.

  2. Allow congregants to cancel their own registrations directly on Church Center.

Registrant Options

Registrant options allow you to control what information is collected from Registration Contacts, who people can register, and whether or not a person needs to log in before registering.

  1. The name and email will always be collected for each Registration Contact.

  2. Choose to collect a phone number and address from Registration Contacts and make them optional or required fields.

  3. Always allow people to add household members to their household.

  4. Only allow people to add household members if they do not have a household yet. If they already have a household in place, they will not be able to add to it.

  5. Never allow people to add household members, which means they can only register themselves and people already listed in their household.

  6. Check this box to allow people to register anyone, even if they're not in the person's household.

  7. Check this box to require a person to log in while registering.


    People will be required to log in automatically if additional information is being collected elsewhere in the signup, such as through selection types or questions.

Payment Methods

Choose which payment methods are allowed for the signup.

  • Credit/Debit only will require people to make a payment online to complete their registration unless you've enabled partial payments.

  • Turn off online payments by selecting Cash/Check Only.

  • Choose Both to allow people to select which payment method they'd like to pay with. Administrators can apply payments to those registrations who pay by cash or check.


You can enable partial payments from the selection settings to allow attendees to make payments towards their total balance.


Add a support contact for attendees to contact if they have questions about the event and choose to notify someone whenever a new attendee registers by adding them to the notification list.

  1. Add a person as the support contact to act as the default contact for the event. When listed in this position, attendees will be able to contact this person during the registration process if they have questions.

  2. If you'd like a specific email address to be notified when someone registers or cancels, enter it in the Notification list. Separate multiple email addresses by commas.

Custom Confirmation Message

Add a custom confirmation message that attendees will receive once they register from the Confirmation message tab in the Configuration tab of your signup.


The message will include all registration information and any message you add. It will also link to the event, their personal details, and show who they can contact.


If you want to send a specific confirmation email to a selection, set it up in the selection settings.

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